Elections in Ghana: The way it was

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The elections in Ghana are over – at least for our international delegation. After returning it is time for reports. Just for a taste of it i’d like to share my general impressions since I have to appreciate the way it was when being around in Ghana and with the Ghanaians. With this entry I am to finish my reporting from Ghana. Thanks to the people from Ghana for having me here, and thanks to all readers as well!

As a member of the international delegation I encountered a strong interest in my work and mission. Several people on the street and in polling queues declared that they appreciate our work and commitment very much and that they find it important for us as foreigners to be in the country for monitoring the elections. Whenever I asked people for photos, audio statements or information my request was warmly considered.

In their statements people stressed how important it is for them to vote and that they are keen to choose the leader of their state. They underlined the importance of the elections being fair, transparent and – last, not least – peaceful every so often.

The Presiding Officers at the polling stations answered my questions mostly to a great extent, sometimes dully, which could be rooted in the high pressure they were in.

Two television stations, TV Africa and Ghana TV, aired a short interview with me since they were interested in our mission. They accepted the fact that we are strictly independent and non-partisan and that I as a member of the delegation am not to come to any conclusions or assessments.

The collaboration with our project partner and requesting organization, Christian Council of Ghana, turned out to be very fruitful, encouraging and on a high professional level. Rev. Dr Fred Deegbe and his team filled the mission with live and credibility by putting true interest in a fair and peaceful outcome of the elections first.

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